Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Of all the things in your home, nothing takes more abuse than your floors. Constant traffic moving all over it. Kids tracking dirt and mud from outside into your home. Everyday spills and messes from you and your pets. It’s easy to see how your floors can look old and worn very fast. If your home has carpeting the devastating results from this can be seen even faster. If your carpeting is not taken care of properly it can result in an unsightly home and can cost you extra money having to replace it earlier than expected. This does not have to be the case with your carpets. Here is a list of tips provided from a carpet cleaning Oahu company to help you maintain your carpets good looks and keep it lasting much longer than expected. If you follow and utilize most of these tips on a regular basis, you can add years of life to your carpets.


  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. By vacuuming on a regular basis, you keep dirt and grime from being able to fall deep into the carpet fibers. Once dirt embeds itself deep into the carpet, it can be harder to get out and can cause carpets to get matted and stiff. So you your vacuum as often as you can and be sure to get the edges.
  • Clean spills and accidents as quickly as possible. If you spill wine or food on your carpets, you should attempt to clean up the mess as soon as you can. If you act quickly, it will be easier to remove the stain before it becomes to permanent. If allowed to sit for a long period of time, the stain will set in and soak deeper into the fibers, sometimes making it impossible to get out.
  • Don’t clean a stain by rubbing it into the carpet. Use blotting technique when removing and cleaning spills and stains. Blotting is when you take a rag or whatever cleaning material you are using and press on or around the new stain or spill. By doing this you avoid making the stain much worse than if you vigorously try to scrub the carpet. The blotting will help lift the stain out where as the scrubbing can force the stain to go deeper and damage the look and feel of your carpet.
  • Test cleaning compounds first. If you got a new cleaning solution, its best to test it out first on a small area not easily visible. Sometimes cleaning solutions can discolor your carpet so by testing it out first you can avoid damaging the entire carpet and having to replace it. Also try to use natural and non toxic chemicals, especially if you have children and pets in the home.
  • Club soda can be a great stain remover. dabbing carpet stains with club soda can help to remove it and can be a good safe and affordable alternative to other chemicals.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every six months. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis will not only keep your home clean and free of allergens, but will also greatly increase the life of your carpeting. Spending some money now, will save you a lot of money in the future.

These are just a handful of the many tips you can use to increase the lifespan of your carpets and keep your home fresh and clean. Hopefully with this info you have a better understanding about how to maintain a healthy and clean home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.